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ber_DZ.utf8, ber_MA, ber_MA.utf8, bg_BG, bg_BG.cp1251, bg_BG.utf8, bn_BD, bn_BD.utf8, bn_IN, bn_IN.utf8, bo_CN, bo_CN.utf8, bo_IN, bo_IN.utf8, br_FR, br_FR.iso88591, br_FR.iso885915@euro, br_FR.utf8, br_FR@euro, bs_BA, bs_BA.iso88592, bs_BA.utf8, byn_ER, byn_ER.utf8, ca_AD, ca_AD.iso885915, ca_AD.utf8, ca_ES, ca_ES.iso88591, ca_ES.iso885915@euro, ca_ES.utf8, ca_ES@euro, ca_FR, ca_FR.iso885915, ca_FR.utf8, ca_IT, ca_IT.iso885915, ca_IT.utf8, crh_UA, crh_UA.utf8, cs_CZ, cs_CZ.iso88592, cs_CZ.utf8, csb_PL, csb_PL.utf8, cv_RU, cv_RU.utf8, cy_GB, cy_GB.iso885914, cy_GB.utf8, da_DK, da_DK.iso88591, da_DK.iso885915, da_DK.utf8, de_AT, de_AT.iso88591, de_AT.iso885915@euro, de_AT.utf8, de_AT@euro, de_BE, de_BE.iso88591, de_BE.iso885915@euro, de_BE.utf8, de_BE@euro, de_CH, de_CH.iso88591, de_CH.utf8, de_DE, de_DE.iso88591, de_DE.iso885915@euro, de_DE.utf8, de_DE@euro, de_LU, de_LU.iso88591, de_LU.iso885915@euro, de_LU.utf8, de_LU@euro, dv_MV, dv_MV.utf8, dz_BT, dz_BT.utf8, el_CY, el_CY.iso88597, el_CY.utf8, el_GR, el_GR.iso88597, el_GR.utf8, en_AG, en_AG.utf8, en_AU, en_AU.iso88591, en_AU.utf8, en_BW, en_BW.iso88591, en_BW.utf8, en_CA, en_CA.iso88591, en_CA.utf8, en_DK, en_DK.iso88591, en_DK.utf8, en_GB, en_GB.iso88591, en_GB.iso885915, en_GB.utf8, en_HK, en_HK.iso88591, en_HK.utf8, en_IE, en_IE.iso88591, en_IE.iso885915@euro, en_IE.utf8, en_IE@euro, en_IN, en_IN.utf8, en_NG, en_NG.utf8, en_NZ, en_NZ.iso88591, en_NZ.utf8, en_PH, en_PH.iso88591, en_PH.utf8, en_SG, en_SG.iso88591, en_SG.utf8, en_US, en_US.iso88591, en_US.iso885915, en_US.utf8, en_ZA, en_ZA.iso88591, en_ZA.utf8, en_ZW, en_ZW.iso88591, en_ZW.utf8, es_AR, es_AR.iso88591, es_AR.utf8, es_BO, es_BO.iso88591, es_BO.utf8, es_CL, es_CL.iso88591, es_CL.utf8, es_CO, es_CO.iso88591, es_CO.utf8, es_CR, es_CR.iso88591, es_CR.utf8, es_DO, es_DO.iso88591, es_DO.utf8, es_EC, es_EC.iso88591, es_EC.utf8, es_ES, es_ES.iso88591, es_ES.iso885915@euro, es_ES.utf8, es_ES@euro, es_GT, es_GT.iso88591, es_GT.utf8, es_HN, es_HN.iso88591, es_HN.utf8, es_MX, es_MX.iso88591, es_MX.utf8, es_NI, es_NI.iso88591, es_NI.utf8, es_PA, es_PA.iso88591, es_PA.utf8, es_PE, es_PE.iso88591, es_PE.utf8, es_PR, es_PR.iso88591, es_PR.utf8, es_PY, es_PY.iso88591, es_PY.utf8, es_SV, es_SV.iso88591, es_SV.utf8, es_US, es_US.iso88591, es_US.utf8, es_UY, es_UY.iso88591, es_UY.utf8, es_VE, es_VE.iso88591, es_VE.utf8, et_EE, et_EE.iso88591, et_EE.iso885915, et_EE.utf8, eu_ES, eu_ES.iso88591, eu_ES.iso885915@euro, eu_ES.utf8, eu_ES@euro, fa_IR, fa_IR.utf8, fi_FI, fi_FI.iso88591, fi_FI.iso885915@euro, fi_FI.utf8, fi_FI@euro, fil_PH, fil_PH.utf8, fo_FO, fo_FO.iso88591, fo_FO.utf8, fr_BE, fr_BE.iso88591, fr_BE.iso885915@euro, fr_BE.utf8, fr_BE@euro, fr_CA, fr_CA.iso88591, fr_CA.utf8, fr_CH, fr_CH.iso88591, fr_CH.utf8, fr_FR, fr_FR.iso88591, fr_FR.iso885915@euro, fr_FR.utf8, fr_FR@euro, fr_LU, fr_LU.iso88591, fr_LU.iso885915@euro, fr_LU.utf8, fr_LU@euro, fur_IT, fur_IT.utf8, fy_DE, fy_DE.utf8, fy_NL, fy_NL.utf8, ga_IE, ga_IE.iso88591, ga_IE.iso885915@euro, ga_IE.utf8, ga_IE@euro, gd_GB, gd_GB.iso885915, gd_GB.utf8, gez_ER, gez_ER.utf8, gez_ER.utf8@abegede, gez_ER@abegede, gez_ET, gez_ET.utf8, gez_ET.utf8@abegede, gez_ET@abegede, gl_ES, gl_ES.iso88591, gl_ES.iso885915@euro, gl_ES.utf8, gl_ES@euro, gu_IN, gu_IN.utf8, gv_GB, gv_GB.iso88591, gv_GB.utf8, ha_NG, ha_NG.utf8, he_IL, he_IL.iso88598, he_IL.utf8, hi_IN, hi_IN.utf8, hne_IN, hne_IN.utf8, hr_HR, hr_HR.iso88592, hr_HR.utf8, hsb_DE, hsb_DE.iso88592, hsb_DE.utf8, ht_HT, ht_HT.utf8, hu_HU, hu_HU.iso88592, hu_HU.utf8, hy_AM, hy_AM.armscii8, hy_AM.utf8, id_ID, id_ID.iso88591, id_ID.utf8, ig_NG, ig_NG.utf8, ik_CA, ik_CA.utf8, is_IS, is_IS.iso88591, is_IS.utf8, it_CH, it_CH.iso88591, it_CH.utf8, it_IT, it_IT.iso88591, it_IT.iso885915@euro, it_IT.utf8, it_IT@euro, iu_CA, iu_CA.utf8, iw_IL, iw_IL.iso88598, iw_IL.utf8, ja_JP, ja_JP.eucjp, ja_JP.ujis, ja_JP.utf8, ka_GE, ka_GE.georgianps, ka_GE.utf8, kk_KZ, kk_KZ.pt154, kk_KZ.utf8, kl_GL, kl_GL.iso88591, kl_GL.utf8, km_KH, km_KH.utf8, kn_IN, kn_IN.utf8, ko_KR, ko_KR.euckr, ko_KR.utf8, kok_IN, kok_IN.utf8, ks_IN, ks_IN.utf8, ks_IN.utf8@devanagari, ks_IN@devanagari, ku_TR, ku_TR.iso88599, ku_TR.utf8, kw_GB, kw_GB.iso88591, kw_GB.utf8, ky_KG, ky_KG.utf8, lg_UG, lg_UG.iso885910, lg_UG.utf8, li_BE, li_BE.utf8, li_NL, li_NL.utf8, lo_LA, lo_LA.utf8, lt_LT, lt_LT.iso885913, lt_LT.utf8, lv_LV, lv_LV.iso885913, lv_LV.utf8, mai_IN, mai_IN.utf8, mg_MG, mg_MG.iso885915, mg_MG.utf8, mi_NZ, mi_NZ.iso885913, mi_NZ.utf8, mk_MK, mk_MK.iso88595, mk_MK.utf8, ml_IN, ml_IN.utf8, mn_MN, mn_MN.utf8, mr_IN, mr_IN.utf8, ms_MY, ms_MY.iso88591, ms_MY.utf8, mt_MT, mt_MT.iso88593, mt_MT.utf8, my_MM, my_MM.utf8, nan_TW.utf8@latin, nan_TW@latin, nb_NO, nb_NO.iso88591, nb_NO.utf8, nds_DE, nds_DE.utf8, nds_NL, nds_NL.utf8, ne_NP, ne_NP.utf8, nl_AW, nl_AW.utf8, nl_BE, nl_BE.iso88591, nl_BE.iso885915@euro, nl_BE.utf8, nl_BE@euro, nl_NL, nl_NL.iso88591, nl_NL.iso885915@euro, nl_NL.utf8, nl_NL@euro, nn_NO, nn_NO.iso88591, nn_NO.utf8, no_NO, no_NO.iso88591, no_NO.utf8, nr_ZA, nr_ZA.utf8, nso_ZA, nso_ZA.utf8, oc_FR, oc_FR.iso88591, oc_FR.utf8, om_ET, om_ET.utf8, om_KE, om_KE.iso88591, om_KE.utf8, or_IN, or_IN.utf8, pa_IN, pa_IN.utf8, pa_PK, pa_PK.utf8, pap_AN, pap_AN.utf8, pl_PL, pl_PL.iso88592, pl_PL.utf8, ps_AF, ps_AF.utf8, pt_BR, pt_BR.iso88591, pt_BR.utf8, pt_PT, pt_PT.iso88591, pt_PT.iso885915@euro, pt_PT.utf8, pt_PT@euro, ro_RO, ro_RO.iso88592, ro_RO.utf8, ru_RU, ru_RU.iso88595, ru_RU.koi8r, ru_RU.utf8, ru_UA, ru_UA.koi8u, ru_UA.utf8, rw_RW, rw_RW.utf8, sa_IN, sa_IN.utf8, sc_IT, sc_IT.utf8, sd_IN, sd_IN.utf8, sd_IN.utf8@devanagari, sd_IN@devanagari, se_NO, se_NO.utf8, shs_CA, shs_CA.utf8, si_LK, si_LK.utf8, sid_ET, sid_ET.utf8, sk_SK, sk_SK.iso88592, sk_SK.utf8, sl_SI, sl_SI.iso88592, sl_SI.utf8, so_DJ, so_DJ.iso88591, so_DJ.utf8, so_ET, so_ET.utf8, so_KE, so_KE.iso88591, so_KE.utf8, so_SO, so_SO.iso88591, so_SO.utf8, sq_AL, sq_AL.iso88591, sq_AL.utf8, sq_MK, sq_MK.utf8, sr_ME, sr_ME.utf8, sr_RS, sr_RS.utf8, sr_RS.utf8@latin, sr_RS@latin, ss_ZA, ss_ZA.utf8, st_ZA, st_ZA.iso88591, st_ZA.utf8, sv_FI, sv_FI.iso88591, sv_FI.iso885915@euro, sv_FI.utf8, sv_FI@euro, sv_SE, sv_SE.iso88591, sv_SE.iso885915, sv_SE.utf8, ta_IN, ta_IN.utf8, te_IN, te_IN.utf8, tg_TJ, tg_TJ.koi8t, tg_TJ.utf8, th_TH, th_TH.tis620, th_TH.utf8, ti_ER, ti_ER.utf8, ti_ET, ti_ET.utf8, tig_ER, tig_ER.utf8, tk_TM, tk_TM.utf8, tl_PH, tl_PH.iso88591, tl_PH.utf8, tn_ZA, tn_ZA.utf8, tr_CY, tr_CY.iso88599, tr_CY.utf8, tr_TR, tr_TR.iso88599, tr_TR.utf8, ts_ZA, ts_ZA.utf8, tt_RU.utf8, tt_RU.utf8@iqtelif, ug_CN, ug_CN.utf8, uk_UA, uk_UA.koi8u, uk_UA.utf8, ur_PK, ur_PK.utf8, uz_UZ, uz_UZ.iso88591, uz_UZ.utf8@cyrillic, uz_UZ@cyrillic, ve_ZA, ve_ZA.utf8, vi_VN, vi_VN.tcvn, vi_VN.utf8, wa_BE, wa_BE.iso88591, wa_BE.iso885915@euro, wa_BE.utf8, wa_BE@euro, wo_SN, wo_SN.utf8, xh_ZA, xh_ZA.iso88591, xh_ZA.utf8, yi_US, yi_US.cp1255, yi_US.utf8, yo_NG, yo_NG.utf8, zh_CN, zh_CN.gb18030, zh_CN.gb2312, zh_CN.gbk, zh_CN.utf8, zh_HK, zh_HK.big5hkscs, zh_HK.utf8, zh_SG, zh_SG.gb2312, zh_SG.gbk, zh_SG.utf8, zh_TW, zh_TW.big5, zh_TW.euctw, zh_TW.utf8, zu_ZA, zu_ZA.iso88591, zu_ZA.utf8. If you intend to set another locale, you need to install it on this web server first.
When that is done, please empty the FE cache and reload this page.
The configuration check for this extension can be disabled in the extension manager.


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